Davide - President

30/12/1992 - Faculty of Statistics - Erasmus in Oslo (1st semester 2014/15)

Loves: everything if done with the right people =)

Hates: stress, uninformed gossips and wake up call (not the song XD)

Languages: English and a bit of Spanish

Vice President
Lorenzo - Vice President

20/04/1991- Faculty of law - Erasmus in Vilnius  (Lithuania) 2014/2015
Love: Adventures, animals, martial arts, food, snow, mountain, new experiences and science fiction movie.
Hate: Unfairness, bad mood and arrogance

Marco - Treasurer

08/08/1990 - Economics - Erasmus in Lyon (France) from September 2014 to February 2015

Loves: A.C. Milan, sun after the rain, sandcastles, Margaery Tyrell of Games of Thrones, draw smiles, chess and ignorance

Hates: banality

Languages: English and French

Caterina - Secretary

02/03/1990 - Faculty of Education - Erasmus in Madrid (Spain) September 2014-June 2015

Loves: summertime, the seaside, dancing, parties, dark chocolate, sweets, friendship :)

Hates: winter and cold weather, insincerity, arrogance :(

Languages: English and Spanish

Local Representative
Simone - Local Representative

10/05/1995 - Law - Unfortunately no Erasmus yet

Loves: ​Videogames, Pop- Rock Music, Harry Potter, The Devil Wears Prada, Shopping

Hates: I love everything so there are just a few things that I hate: racism, stuffiness, hypocrisy and then when your ego is bigger than mine.

Languages: English, french, spanish.