Lorenzo - President

04/12/1993 - Economic - Perpignan
Loves: ​To cook, to travel and to meet new people
Hates: To spend time with boring people
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French

Davide - Treasurer

21/02/91 - Economics - Erasmus in Valencia (Spain) 2014

Loves: football, movies, hugs, "cappuccino", "cornetto alla crema", FC Barcelona

Hates: garlic, stress

Languages: Spanish, English 

Tiziano - Secretary

17/04/1995 - Law - Rotterdam 2016/2017

Loves: ​Ferrari, dancing, positive people, sicilian food, sicilian sea, meeting new cultures, bitcoins, memory techniques, psicology, computer science law, radio, public speaking, partying, laughing, making jokes

Hates: Negative people, criticizing without giving suggestion about how to improve things, whatsapp and especially whatsapp groups, people who leave thing to do to other people at the very last moment

Languages: Italian, English, a bit of Spanish and few words of France and Dutch

Local Representative
Simone - Local Representative

10/05/1995 - Law - Unfortunately no Erasmus yet

Loves: ​Videogames, Pop- Rock Music, Harry Potter, The Devil Wears Prada, Shopping

Hates: I love everything so there are just a few things that I hate: racism, stuffiness, hypocrisy and then when your ego is bigger than mine.

Languages: English, french, spanish.