Floorball Club Milano was founded on February 22, 2000 on the initiative of a group of students from the Liceo Scientifico Statale Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, which since 1995 practicing floorball to school, thanks to a teacher of Physical Education particularly enlightened.

Nowadays Floorball (also known by the name of Unihockey) is now in northern Europe one of the leading and most watched sports, and is experiencing its own boom in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Southeast Asia.

Born as Floorhockey in the US in the 50s, where it is used by ice hockey players as a training activity, but soon becomes very popular in Sweden, Switzerland and Finland: these nations founded in 1986 the International Federation, which is the IFF - International floorball Federation. The structure had in 2005 already more than 3,450 clubs and more than 175,000 registered athletes, and now has 53 member countries. The future of this rapidly expanding discipline is very promising. Not only the number of members in the national federations are still rising, but also the public's interest unabated.

20% discount on the annual fee.

Centro sportivo Puecher, Via Ulisse Dini 7, Milano