We are really sad about what happened in the early morning of 20th March.
A bus crush caused the tragical death of 13 Erasmus students from ESN Barcelona,
and 7 of those were Italian girls.

ESN Milano-Bicocca, with a lot of ESN sections around Europe, 
organized a memorial tomorrow evening, 23rd of March at 7.00 PM. 
We would like to feel close to all the people involved in this tragedy
and show our support to families and friends of the victims. 

Candles and laterns will symbolize our feelings and will shine for
those students that cannot enjoy their Erasmus experience anymore.
We will meet:

Wednesday at 7.00 PM, in front of U6 Building of Bicocca's University
(Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1)

Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus.
Even in tragic moments.